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The English language is one of the most spoken languages across the world today, and it is the most spoken language for business internationally.

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Eve Procopakis

I have acquired over 30 years of experience which includes running my very own English institute, teaching English, and acting as a certified speaking  examiner for the  Cambridge exams, as well as for CIE’s IGCSE English as a second language. Some of the  Cambridge levels I teach are as follows;

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English Teaching Services

Since the pandemic, I, like many of my colleagues have had to adapt to a new era of working; an online-based form of work. Online teaching allows a wealth of teaching methods and materials to be used, beyond what a classroom environment can offer.

1-to-1 Online

One-to-one lessons take the individual’s specific needs into account so the learner will benefit from going at the pace they want to go at and the focus is on their learning style so I can gauge the student’s progress and mastery of the subject. Another benefit includes the high-quality interaction between the student and myself.

Book a 30 minute , 45 minute or 60 minute lesson.

Online Group

Online group lessons provide the social benefits of learning with others.

Small groups ensure learners have enough individual attention, but they can also participate in activities and interact with their peers, improving the communication skills needed to practice and consolidate learning.

Group learning covers all four skills, ( reading , writing , listening and speaking)

Separate groups to cover speaking  can be arranged. 

Group lessons are  60 minutes long.

Tuition with Boarding

A series of lessons can be booked- up to 4 hours per day, intensive, for 1 week, 10 days or 14 days. The rest of your time is free to enjoy touring the island, and / or doing a range of activities which are on offer here. Come with your family or alone.

I will arrange accommodation for you according to your needs.


Why Learn With Me?

From speaking skills to reading and writing, I can provide the experience, knowledge, tools and know-how to have you knowing English in no time.

Tailor Made Courses

Whatever you need, I can help you reach your desired goals and objectives.

Native Speaker

Learn English from a native speaker to aid a more natural and authentic learning.

Eve With Books

Cambridge Exams

Extensive exam tutoring for Cambridge exams such as KET, PET, FCE, CAE & IELTS.

Variety of Levels

I have experience in teaching all levels, from beginners to advanced, of all ages.


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Eve’s Online English –


Thank you for choosing Eve’s online English. It is a pleasure to be your chosen teacher and be your guide through your English course, whatever your level or learning requirements.

As English lessons take off online, here are a list of student and teacher responsiblilities;

Please take time to read these.

Lessons are scheduled to fit your program and that session is saved entirely for you so please bear this in mind. Time is money and your teaching time will not be given to anyone else. For this reason, here is some information regarding lesson bookings and cancellation policies.


Group lessons:

  • All group lessons are payable in advance.
  • Should a student be absent, please inform the teacher so that the lesson can be recorded.
  • No refund is due in the event of personal absence. Kindly note that fees are payable regardless of personal absence or public holidays.


Private lessons:

  • Private lessons are booked monthly in advance and your lesson slot is reserved for you.
  • Packages of 8 or more lessons booked and paid for in advance, bear a discount of 10 %.

Cancellation policy for private lessons:

  • If a lesson is cancelled with 12 hours (or more) notice, then a full refund is given.
  • If no notice is given or a student does not show up for whatever reason, no refund is given.
  • In the event of a sudden emergency, a lesson can be rescheduled. (Once a month only)
  • In the event that a student is late but within the first 30 minutes of the scheduled class, the lesson will still go ahead but you will probably lose those minutes if the teacher has another lesson following yours.


Teacher’s responsibilities:

  • If your teacher needs to cancel because of a scheduled holiday, or illness, you will be notified well in advance, and your teacher will rearrange your lesson for another time.
  • If your teacher is late due to unforeseen circumstances or connection problems, you will be given the extra minutes at the end of the class or at the beginning or end of your next class.
  • In the event that you need to cancel your course, no refund can be given but the remaining lessons can be offered at a later date or transferred to another family member/ friend/ colleague.